Spring is in the Air!

Hey folks,

Just wanted to give a quick update as to what I’ve been doing over the winter. It was a long, cold and snowy winter for us in Southern VT. I haven’t been able to do any woodworking as I am still waiting to get my shop set up. However, I thought I would share some pictures of what I’ve been doing to pay the bills and keep me busy.

This is a house In Brattleboro, VT that I started working on in late Dec. Over the course of a few months, we framed up the garage, all interior walls, installed windows (many of which required making jambs for fixed glass), insulated, sheetrocked, laid hardwood flooring, did some trim and installed the kitchen. Most of what I worked on was carpentry related. Here are a few pics for you guys to enjoy.IMG_0920IMG_0922IMG_0958IMG_0968IMG_1118IMG_1137IMG_1161IMG_1166IMG_1169IMG_1214Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the final product of this house as I had to move and am not able to work there anymore. For the next few weeks, I’ll be finishing up a kayak that I started building and will be working on expanding a few decks as well. Stay posted and happy spring!



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