Hi, my name is Tyler Gebhardt and I have been into woodworking for several years now. As you can see I love working with my hands whether it be furniture, bowls, boats, or even general carpentry. I got into woodworking and carpentry at a fairly early age. My father was always doing a project around the house that involved wood of some sort. Whether it be finishing a basement, building a deck, or installing hardwood floors. My grandfather, Frank Gebhardt is a retired furniture maker as well as Adirondack Guide Boat builder. So, building and using my hands runs in the family. My grandfather was also a huge help in starting my career in the woodworking field which I am extremely appreciative of. I also have experience working in the carpentry field. I have been employed with R. VanOort Contracting in Averill Park, NY for several years now as well as previously with Mount Snow in West Dover, VT as a maintenance tech. My goal in life is to create pieces of art that will be cherished for years to come, reflecting the beauty of my hard work and effort. I’m currently pursuing a degree in woodworking and have a certificate in Woodworking and Fine furniture fromĀ Burlington College, VT. I am always looking to further my skills and become a well known master craftsmen. Thanks for looking and please look at my website. www.TJGwoodworking.com. If you have any questions please contact me here.


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