Riker Table

Hi guys,

If you have been following our Instagram (@tjgwoodworking) and Facebook page you’ve probably seen the ongoing progress of the hall table that has been in the works as the most recent project. We are happy to say that it is now complete and ready for delivery! This may have been one of the more challenging pieces of furniture Tyler has created thus far, but also one of the most unique to TJGwoodworking. A challenge like this came with different obstacles along the way, but overall, it opened up a new set of ideas, inspiration, and technique for future designs to come. We hope the client is just as pleased as we are with the end result.

We wanted to share the photos with you so please check out the image slideshow below and let us know your thoughts on it! Also, don’t forget to visit our new Etsy account. Handmade tree ornaments make lovely Christmas gifts!

-TJGwoodworking team

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Bowls, Boats, and Baby!

Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and a relaxing weekend that followed. Things here at the shop have been in full swing! From cranking out several new bowls of various elegant forms and figures, to finishing up a uniquely stunning hall table, and preparing for some boat restorations, it is off to a nice winter season. We are also thrilled to announce that the newest member of our family has arrived! Our daughter Julianne was born on November 1st. Maybe we have a future woodworker in the making?

Please stay posted for updates to follow on a new account with Etsy (etsy.com) where you will soon be able view and easily purchase our items for sale.

Have a great rest of your day,

-TJGwoodworking team

“The Weight of Time” Handmade Clock

Hey folks,

It’s been awhile. I’ve gotten some pics of the artistic clock I finished last semester at Burlington College. I really wanted to do a piece that was 100% functional but had a story behind it, that made people curious and wonder what the idea was. I wanted it to be amusing and question physics. The clock is made out of Sapele and Tiger Maple and features a fully operational sounding mechanism for chiming the hours out. Enjoy the pics. Clock front Clock Detail Clock SideAlso, in the near future I will begin working on a Kayak. This will be my first and I’m taking a slightly different approach this time. I’ll be building the boat from a kit purchased from a company online. This is an easy way for me to keep myself into woodworking while not needing a full shop which I’m currently trying to secure. So, stay posted for updates and in progress posts.


Handshaped and Carved Lamp

Hey folks,

It’s been too long since I’ve last done a post. I’ve moved to southern VT and am all completed with school! Woot! Anyway, this lamp is one of three projects I completed my last semester at The Vermont Woodworking School. I chose Cherry of course, for this piece. The entire lamp is hand-shaped to form the spiral. I wanted to implement texture into this piece and decided to try my hand at carving. This was my first time ever carving wood and I must admit, I enjoyed it. Enjoy the pictures.   Spiral LampSpiral Lamp DetailSpiral Lamp Base DetailI will have the pictures of the other two pieces that I completed up in a few weeks hopefully. Also, the next few months will likely be quiet in terms of new work and news. I don’t have a shop currently but am hoping to have one by spring.


Turning a Square Rimmed Bowl

Hey folks,

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I decided to get a video up on the blog. Below, you’ll find a video of myself turning a square rimmed cherry bowl on the lathe. The rim is Curly Maple while the bowl itself is Cherry. As you can see in the video, it is very difficult to see the corners of the bowl while it is spinning. The easiest way to turn the bowl is to position the light so it creates a shadow on the bowl. This makes for a somewhat challenging and also dangerous piece to make. I happen to enjoy doing these square bowls as they are exciting and test my skills. Enjoy the video.

Next month I hope to be posting some pictures of work I have been doing lately. Some are a bit out of the box for me but are exciting.


Gumbo at Burlington College

Hey folks.

Coming up this weekend, April 19th-21st, TJGwoodworking will have several pieces of my work in Burlington College’s “Gumbo” show which features work of many different mediums. Come check it out  if you’re in Vermont and in the area. I’ll be displaying two tables and several bowls.